LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling

Relationships are incredibly rewarding and can also be hard work. At the Individual & Relationship Therapy Center we welcome diversity in all ways. Our staff is comprised of LGBTQ+ affirming therapists. We believe in a culture that supports love between all humans.

Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in helping our LGBTQ+ community of individuals and couples navigate their relationships. We know our world today causes you to face external pressures and hurdles that are difficult to endure emotionally either individually or as a couple. We are here to create a personable, private, and safe environment that allows you to freely express their relationship struggles.

How Couples or Individual Counseling Can Help Your Relationship

Unfortunately, many LGBTQ+ individuals and couples have had negative or hurtful experiences of therapy in the past. If you have, it would make perfect sense why you may feel uneasy about attending counseling now. We wish to provide you with a different experience and to experience the respect, compassion and support you deserve. Our practice values respect and we believe in helping you feel as comfortable with this process as possible. From there, we will begin to build a relationship with you that will allow you to unpack and address your reasons for coming to therapy.

Couples counseling and individual therapy can help smooth communication lines between you and the people in your world whom you care about. It will help you gain a better understanding of the sticking points that are getting in the way in your relationships. We couples get mixed up in our own emotions that we lose our ability to listen and respond to our partner’s words. We will help you successfully discuss these misinterpretations and confused feelings to build a stronger relationship.

(Couples and individual therapy can be a positive tool for helping partners better understand each other.)

(Couples and individual therapy can be a positive tool for helping partners better understand each other.)


While communication is a word a lot of people use to describe their relationship problems, other issues are often at play. We can help you identify them and work through them through couples therapy or individual counseling. Some common concerns seen in all relationships are:

  • Affairs and infidelity

  • Loss of intimacy

  • Feeling distant from each other

  • Problems resolving conflict

  • The feeling of staying together only for the children

  • Technology issues

Our LGBTQ+ affirming therapists present a judgment-free space to support open and honest conversation that helps uncover and address the challenges you are facing.

When is Counseling Right?

Couples counseling and individual therapy are helpful at any stage of a relationship, from the early dating phase to a decades-long marriage, no wrong time exists. Couples may have the preconceived notion that counseling is for when things go wrong, however, regular counseling can help identify and prevent future issues that may affect a couple. We view counseling as an opportunity to gain insight into yourself and your relationships that can promote more joy

Our team has been working to erase any stigma that surrounds counseling. Seeking therapy often feels empowering and provides a sense of relief knowing a decision has been made that can open new doors within a relationship. Our practice provides an inviting space that encourages couples and individuals to have truthful conversations about the highs and lows that exist in any relationship. Our knowledgeable therapists are here to support the goals of your relationship and strengthen the bond that exists between you those you care abou.

If you are wondering if now is the right time for you to attend counseling, or if you have any questions about our counseling and therapy services, we are here to answer them.

LGBTQ+ Affirming Therapists in Denver, CO

Our skilled and effective therapists make your comfort and confidentiality our priority. We know that opening up about your relationship can feel overwhelming, so we are here to help ease your anxiety and communicate openly. Schedule an appointment with our Denver team, and take the first steps toward unlocking a new understanding of your relationships.

The most functional way to regulate difficult emotions in love relationships is to share them.
— Sue Johnson

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