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Anxiety Therapy Can Help Your Relationship

Anxiety can be difficult to manage and can be challenging in relationships. Its impact on one partner can leave the other partner feeling helpless. This dynamic can impact the health of both romantic and platonic relationships. It is possible to learn how to cope and address your individual anxiety so you can improve your own personal quality of life as you also improve the health of your relationships.

Some describe anxiety as living with a seemingly never-ending sense of worry or panic. These intense bouts of anxiety can be challenging for relationships, especially when it begins to feel as though there is a third person within the relationship. As negative thoughts begin to spiral, anxiety can grab a deeper hold on your actions and words, often causing you to respond to those you love in ways that may not be normal for yourself. This can lead to you and your partner feeling distant, neglected, and even resentful. We understand this and know that a solution does exist. We can help you understand your anxiety and work through it in a way that allows you to be your best self and enjoy your relationship. Anxiety therapy has shown to be an effective method for helping improve the health of relationships and our therapists are skilled to help you in this way.

When Should You See Someone?

If you are experiencing long-term battles with worry and panic, we know it is negatively affecting your relationship. We invite you to visit us at the Individual and Relationship Therapy Center. We can help you address and overcome even the most debilitating anxiety.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do you find yourself less able to enjoy your time with your loved one?

  • Do you find yourself responding to your partner in a cold or rejecting way, to protect yourself?

  • Does your anxiety leave you feeling fearful about showing affection to your partner?

  • Do you find yourself being unexpectedly angry or aggressive toward your partner? Do you yell or scream?

  • Do you feel yourself retreating from love and intimacy with your partner because you are busy defending yourself against anxiety?

If you find yourself answering yes to one or several of these questions we encourage you to contact our office to set up an appointment as soon as possible so we can help address your anxiety fears.

(Anxiety therapy can help improve and save relationships.)

(Anxiety therapy can help improve and save relationships.)


How Anxiety Therapy Can Help Improve Your Relationship

We improve relationships by helping couples understand each other and the impact of anxiety through our anxiety therapy. We know anxiety can create a challenging environment for relationships. We also know that through open and honest communication couples can regain a healthy connection to each other. This bond helps both partners control the impact of anxiety, and transform their relationship into a simultaneously fulfilling atmosphere.

Our skilled therapists will guide you through a personalized plan for your relationship, and determine the most effective way to help you and your partner to manage anxiety.

Anxiety Therapy in Denver, CO

Schedule an appointment with one of our Emotionally Focused Therapists here in Denver. , Your therapist will take you through the necessary steps toward improving your anxiety, regaining your individual freedom, and improving your relationship.

Our mindset for all our clients is summarized in a quote by Paul Tillich: “The first duty of love is to listen.” We are here to listen to your struggles and empower you and your partner with the tools to relight a burning passion that anxiety can extinguish.

Let’s help you feel better as an individual and as a partner. Start healing today.

Emotional dependency is not immature or pathological; it is our greatest strength.
— Sue Johnson

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